Bang for Your Buck

In modern day sport it is essential that teams have strong links with their sponsors, and that those sponsors get maximum exposure for their dollar investment. Hence one of our pet hates, players have a baseball hat or drink thrust in their hand at the end of a game before they appear on camera in a post match interview.

These sorts of ploys have become pretty much accepted and are now a case of the way things have to be to be able to pay the bills.

This morning we feel that this promoting a sponsor has gone a little too far.

Perth Glory released a Press release on their upcoming trip to South Africa, which has been sponsored by Continental Coal and Komodo Capital (The company whose logo appeared on the shorts at the end of last season). But publishing their stock exchange listing code in such a press release we felt was really taking promotion of your sponsor to a new extreme, and extremely inappropriate.

Where will the line be moved to in the future?

Bang for Your Buck
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