Balls Up

We have on the show and on this site aired our views on the issue of humourless security staff at sporting events. Staff who lack diplomacy skills and are hired on muscle of the arm rather than the brain or a combination of both. Most of the time the use of the brain rather than brawn will diffuse a situation rather than when used the other way around inflaming it.

The Test match at the Gabba proved just how stupid things can get. Fans enjoying themselves were bouncing an inflatable beach ball around as is the trend at cricket matches these days. The ball went over the fence and landed next to an accredited photographer. He simply threw it back into the crowd. For that he was ejected from the ground and was unable to do the job he was paid to do.

Did his actions warrant expulsion? What would security do if a player threw or kicked a ball back into the crowd? Throw them out?

Maybe the guy should have left the ball where it landed, but surely to expel him from the ground for throwing it back is going too far!

Balls Up
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