Australian Contribution to Record Breaking World Number One

It was a record few thought would be beaten, New Zealander Susan Devoy’s domination of squash. She was World Number One for 105 months between 1984-1993. However in sport it pays to never say never.

At the start of the month Malaysia’s Nicol David did indeed pass that record and is now celebrating her 109th month as World Number One.

David who has been a great ambassador for the sport was very quick to acknowledge her Australian coach Liz Irving. “Liz basically transformed my whole squash game to a whole different level to the consistency I have right now. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.” David said at a presentation in Malaysia.

David claimed the key to her success was when moving to Amsterdam 12 years ago, she and Irving worked hard on her technique in order to as she says give her “a strong base for the future.”

Interestingly David states that time spent with former Australian World Numbers Ones, Liz Fitzgerald and Vicki Cardwell gave her much needed extra input on enhancing her game. She also credits Irving with being open to the views and opinions of other coaches as helping make her a better player.

Working with Irving, David has won 79 titles including 8 world titles and five British Open crowns. She has also won two Commonwealth Games gold medals and six Asian Games gold medals.

Incredibly despite 15 years on the road David claims she is still hungry for more success. In what is not good news for her opponents she told The Star in Malaysia ” I’m probably at my peak years, and I’m very excited to see how that goes, I know its strange to hear that, but I think my best squash is still ahead of me. I think there is a glimpse of it here and there. I am so excited. I need to build the consistency and mental aspect and make it one all the time. So there’s definitely a lot more to come.”

Hard to think how much more consistent one can be after 109 months as World Number One!

Australian Contribution to Record Breaking World Number One
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2 thoughts on “Australian Contribution to Record Breaking World Number One

  • April 21, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Ian, Thanks for commenting. Heather McKay was incredible 16 consecutive British Titles, I remember when we had her on the show a few years back. A remarkable lady, and as you say deserves to be up there as one of Australia’s all time greats. I think she was the first inductee to the Women’s Squash Hall of Fame.
    As is always the case sport comes down to personal opinions, and many I am sure will agree that Nicol and Susan are in the shadow of Heather. However when Heather was playing I don’t believe that there were World Rankings in place, so they will always have the lead in terms of months at the top of the pile because of that.

  • April 20, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    I’m no longer a close follower of squash and so don’t know the whole No 1 thing, but I’m pretty sure that despite their achievements of Nicol and Susan both would be in the shadow of Heather Mackay. In the racket world she surely puts all others in the shade.
    For me she, comes close behind Walter Lindrum as our greatest sports champion (Rod Laver and maybe Bradman would have made it but only a handful of countries played those sports)

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