Aussies on the Roll at Lords?

It was strange watching the Australians play Pakistan at Lords, and a very sad day for cricket, especially when you look at the crowds, and compare them to what they would have drawn in Pakistan. That is however sadly the world we live in where minorities ruin it for the majority.

Watching the test and seeing the outstanding bowling performances of Shane Watson (5 for 40) and Marcus North (6 for 55) raised an interesting question.

At Lords if you take five or more wickets in a test match or score a century your name is placed on a roll of honour within the pavilion. Would these performances be listed on the roll of honour, or is this reserved for only English test matches?

One would hope that it is for all test matches, as both were marvellous performances, although some of the shot selection left a little to be desired.

Aussies on the Roll at Lords?
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One thought on “Aussies on the Roll at Lords?

  • July 27, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Glad to hear that they will take their place on the roll of honour. It would have been churlish had they not

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