Are sports administrators on top of their game?

In recent times we see more and more instants of sports administrators over administrating the game, especially at amateur or semi-pro levels. The suspensions being handed out in seasons that are already limited in length by the automatic changeovers due to Winter and Summer sports being so definitely defined, are far too lengthy, apart from the fact that they lack consistency.

If this was not bad enough we are seeing coaches treading a fine line with what they not only say in their programme notes but also in the local media.

Part of this is not their fault as they are not media trained. Also their comments are borne out of frustration, as with key players missing they could find themselves being fired.

Yet those in power do not seem to see the impact of their actions and the detriment it causes many sports. What keeps so many of the Internet Forums going, negative comments about each particular sport and invariably comments made by ill informed people.

Somehow the sports administrators have to start listening to those who have played their sport, and work out a way to limit the negative comments as certain sections of the media and rival sports feed off this negativity.

Are sports administrators on top of their game?

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