Another Shock Announcement

The sport of wrestling is said to not be reeling from the confession of Hulk Hogan on British television that he, like Lance Armstrong had taken drugs as a professional athlete. They also do not appear to be at all concerned by his revelation that results are “predetermined.”

He  did stress thought that he had never been in a match where he was not genuinely hurt and has had to have both hip and knee replacements as a result of his injuries.

The Hulk went on to explain that the difference between him and Armstrong was that he was not in a competitive sport and that was involved in “entertainment,” and also that up until 1998 performance enhancing drugs were not illegal.

He said he felt Armstrong should be forgiven, but not allowed to take part in the sport again. Maybe he can form a cycling tour purely for entertainment?

Another Shock Announcement
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One thought on “Another Shock Announcement

  • January 31, 2013 at 11:40 am

    I find it perplexing that Lance would be considering a reduction in his ban for a possible comeback at his age?

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