Anderson to Swing in Australia?

Immediately post match England captain Andrew Strauss said “I always maintain that when the ball is swinging there is no better bowler in the world than Jimmy and he was able to put a huge amount of pressure on their batsmen. Our bowling was outstanding all the way through that Test match, as was our fielding.”

There is no doubt that England’s fielding was very good, and they have had to improve that area of their game as it has let them down on many occasions.

But is Jimmy Anderson the best swing bowler in the world? Could Strauss not be getting a little carried away in the aftermath of such a comprehensive victory? There is no doubt Anderson is a great bowler in overcast conditions in England but how successful has he been overseas. Despite this performance if England seriously wish to retain the Ashes in Australia later this year, they would be wise to pick horses for courses. Australia is one course where Anderson will struggle. He is not quick enough on the dry tracks to cause untold problems and with the lack of swing, will become a straight up and down bowler that the Australian top order will murder.

England for close on twenty years have failed to pick the best players to suit the conditions they are travelling to, will 2010 be any different? Following Strauss’ endorsement it would appear unlikely.

Anderson to Swing in Australia?
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