And The Winner is… We Know.

Congratulations to cyclist Cameron Meyer who last night was awarded the WAIS Athlete of the year. This is the second time Meyer has picked up the award having won it in 2010, and winning it for the second time he joins an elite group of four athletes to have done the double; Hockey’s Rechelle Hawkes, along with Cyclists Darryn Hill and Peter Dawson.

Regrettably Cameron was unable to attend the dinner, as was the case with the WAIS Athlete with a disability of the year award winner, teenage swimmer Katherine Downie.

In fact it was a night of absentees as the Junior Athlete of the year another cyclist Kelsey Robson was also unable to attend, as was Justin Langer who was inducted into the Hall of Champions. Fellow inductee Lorraine Packham from hockey was there and it was great to hear her tales of yesteryear, as well as those of Olympic high jumper Chilla Porter.

It was great to see all of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who were in town acknowledged at the opening of the evening, and having them all on stage, however next time it may be best not to have the trophies on the stage at the same time, as many of these athletes who were nominated for awards were able to see the names on the trophies prior to them being announced!

Congratulations to all nominees, and thank you to WAIS for finally including athletes with a disability who have WAIS scholarships in the Junior Athlete of the year awards. Now all we have to see is the seniors with a disability included in the Athlete of the Year awards as happens in every other state. This was however a step in the right direction, and we know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And The Winner is… We Know.
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