All Above Board

Those of you who have managed to sit through the Football West Board update videos will have heard mention of the ‘Strategic Plan’ that is being worked on. Very little has been forthcoming on this issue from the board except we have heard that we are at phase three, and that there was an outside body assisting with it.

This lack of clear information from the board has lead to accusations of ‘jobs for the boys’ in terms of the company compiling the Strategic Plan, and questions being raised as to why the board did not have the expertise to complete one of their own.

The truth is of course a long way from all the whisperings that are circulating.

The good news is Football West is not paying for the Strategic Plan. CEO Peter Hugg applied for and won a one-off grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation for this process to be carried out. Which is credit to him, as an independent person coming in and viewing what needs to be done is probably the best option for the game.

Simon Bowen of Rosscrae International is the gentleman facilitating the process, he is not actually writing the plan, the Board will we believe be responsible for that. As the Department of Sport and Recreation are funding the grant they too supply the Facilitator, presumably to ensure that boards do not give important tasks such as these to their ‘mates.’

 When the facts are out in the open it is clear that from Peter Hugg obtaining the grant to the way the Strategic plan is being put together Football West are acting professionally and prudently. What is a shame is that no one actually thought to advise the stakeholders what was going on. Not even in the wonderful resource of the FootbalwestTV Board Updates!  

Hopefully Communication is a subheading in the Strategic plan.

All Above Board
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2 thoughts on “All Above Board

  • May 18, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    That was my question too Supersub. I wil let our readers draw thier own conclusions.

  • May 18, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Why would Football West not announce this? It is more imnportant than most of the other rubbish they put out in that newsletter of theirs.

    The board would never mention this as they cannot reap any glory from it. Well done Peter Hugg, and he will probably get a better plan than if it had been left to the board.

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