Aiming High?

Every host nation of the Olympic Games in recent years has seen their country’s medal tally rise on the back of what many believe is the ‘home-ground’ advantage.

Great Britain is no exception and the Lottery in the UK has funded many of the Olympic programmes in the lead up to the Games in the hope of ensuring just that. In fact those athletes who have gone outside of the centrally funded pool have already been ‘branded exceptions to the rule,’ should they succeed. That will be little comfort to Taekwondo World Champions Aaron Scott who opted for that route and is still fighting to be included in the Games team.

The UK came up with a “No Compromise” Policy in relation to the quest for Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze, yet ironically now as the Games are less than a month away they appear to be compromising on their goal of coming fourth in the overall Games medal Tally.

British Olympic Association Chairman Colin Moynihan has been quoted as saying “Its going to be very tough. We may have set our expectations too high.”

Aiming High?
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