Absolute Power Corrupts

So Sepp Blatter has what he wanted, an election which sees him unopposed as he stands for another term as President of FIFA, despite dragging the game into the depths of humiliation. If the election goes ahead on Wednesday FIFA will become more of a laughing stock than it is already.

The suspension of Jack Warner comes as no surprise, and one feels that he has been sacrificed for being caught just once too often with his hand in the cookie jar. He must be sacrificed for Blatter to survive. Mohamed bin Hammam who decided to take Sepp Blatter on for the Presidency of FIFA was, if what some sources say is to be believed, was not clever enough in the back room manoeuvring and has paid the price of trying to fight ‘fire with fire.’ Had he carried out a ‘clean’ campaign who knows how close he would have got to the Presidency.

This public laundering of Football’s dirty washing is extremely damaging to the game, but appears to matter little to those sitting at the top table.

What is a little ironic is that Mr Blatter pushed for, with no explanation as to why, the announcement of two World Cup Hosting countries at the same time, as he believed that this would help him gain the votes required for a fourth four year term as President of FIFA. The unbelievable announcement that Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup has been his undoing as the arc of the spotlight became focussed on a much smaller group within FIFA.

There is no doubt that the elections should not take place on Wednesday and that an independent investigation be carried out, and not by FIFA’s very own ethics committee.

If the national bodies are truly representing the fans in their countries and around the world the 208 voting nations need to use their collective muscle and force the postponement of the meeting. They may never get a better chance to correct the listing ship that is FIFA.

Historically UEFA has never been fond of kowtowing to FIFA. Back in 1974 they were far from happy to lose control of the flagship to Joao Havelange, a Brazilian, so don’t be surprised if UEFA do not see this as a chance to regain control of the World game.

What is a concern is how so many nations have been noticeably quiet while the storm has been blowing through the game. One hopes that they remember who they represent and have the guts to do what is right, remember what FIFA supposedly stands for “For the Good of The game,” not “For the goods that we gain!”

Absolute Power Corrupts
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2 thoughts on “Absolute Power Corrupts

  • June 1, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I feel the only chance for change will be when the likes of FW and all member States are run by the people. In turn FFA must be forced to follow suit. Then FFA will be a real entinty and stand up to FIFA

  • May 30, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    all players should strike unitl they reorgansise fifa same as ioc.

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