ABC Spells Disgrace

I know people in glass houses should never throw stones but I am going to take a punt that this glasshouse has toughened glass.

On Saturday night due to a prior engagement I was unable to watch the second half of the Socceroos v the Netherlands game on television, so listened in the car.

I have lived here for 21 years now been an Australian for 17 years, and have always felt that football is only ever paid lip-service by those media outlets where the sport we don’t mention is their bread and butter, but on Saturday I was convinced.

The national broadcaster slipped to an all time low with its coverage. Peter Wilkins coverage of the Uruguay game was bad but Saturday night was even worse. I am not sure who any of the broadcast team were but they were an insult to anyone who is a follower of football. I beg anyone who agrees to email the ABC and let them know you feel the same.

We had a sideline official, what is that? We had a team ‘come out of the line,’ what is that meant to mean? We had play on ‘this side of the field’ which was left or right? But the one that really made my blood boil was the ‘ball played into the square.’ Where the hell is the square? It is known as the penalty area.

If the FFA is being run properly, it is hoped that they would be calling the ABC today and saying, that this was not good enough, but I doubt that they had any spare staff to monitor the broadcast.

As the national broadcaster this was a very, very poor effort.

ABC Spells Disgrace
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