A New Breed of Pensioner?

Not surprisingly former Chelsea assistant Manager Ray Wilkins recently spoke out as many applauded Roman Abramovich’s ten year tenure as the owner of Chelsea, saying that he felt his time at the club was “for the worse.”

Since Abramovich took ownership of the club, Chelsea has won three Premier League titles four FA Cups, 2 League Cups the Europa League and a Champions League Trophy.

Wilkins believes the owners transfer policy with foreign players has ruined English prospects and led to other Premier League clubs mimciking the buying of foreign players rather than developing their own.

“As far as our product he’s changed it for the better. For our England team for the worse.” Wilkins said. “unfortunately the influx of foreign players over the past ten years has been such that our young players are not getting an opportunity. We now see the under 20’s being kicked out by Egypt, Iraq and Chile in their group. They should be qualifying from that group.”

There is no doubt that Abramovich’s investment has been vast. Based on figures published by Deloittes his ten year reign has seen him spend £1.49billion on wages, £642.3million on transfers and £20million on the new Training ground. Which all equates to a loss of £629.2m.

Many will say that Chelsea bought their success, or rather Abramovich did, and they would be right, but money will only buy you success for so long, something Blackburn Rovers found out and so too Manchester City, and even Chelsea.

According to former manager Avram Grant “Roman bought the players and won but what he wants is something more. He wants Chelsea to win things in a way that makes them loved for their football. That’s why he’s bought a new generation of players.”

If that is indeed Abramovich’s dream time will tell if he makes this a reality, but no doubt many would hope he does it with a few more home-grown players.

A New Breed of Pensioner?
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