A Lesson for the FFA?

Maybe one of the reasons the NRL is the success that it is was summed up by South Sydney Rabbitohs boss Shane Richardson on hearing that Perth Glory owner Tony Sage wanted to run a possible NRL franchise in Perth.

Mr Richardson was quoted in the West Australian as saying “You can’t just parachute in. You have to be able to land the plane as well.You can’t just come in with no knowledge of rugby league and no knowledge of running a rugby league club. There has to be credibility and knowledge. You have got to have a passion for the game of rugby. You are likely to lose money at the start and nobody loses money forever.”

There are many who would like to see the FFA read this quote before issuing Franchise licences in the Hyundai A League. The lack of knowledge in their code has caused the league an immense amount of damage. Hopefully they will learn.

A Lesson for the FFA?
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