A Cricketer, and a Man to Be Proud Of

Hats off to Usman Khawaja in more ways than one. First of all he has shown that he is not only a cricketing talent that Australians are likely to enjoy at test match level for a number of years, but he has shown the personality to deal with the media.

It was sad to see certain sections of the media focussing on the fact that he is apparently the first Muslim to play for Australia. Who cares? Since when have the religious beliefs of athletes had anything to do with whether they should be in the side or not. This harks back to the days of the 30’s and 40’s in the Australian cricket team, days that the game rose above, and will hopefully do so again.

“I am the first Usman Khawaja to wear the baggy green” he calmly stated, who it just so happens to be Muslim, and not the other way around.

We should applaud this young man as hopefully his cricket ability and personality will dispel some of the media myths about people of his faith. He is a credit to his parents, his faith, his sport and most important of all to Australia.

A Cricketer, and a Man to Be Proud Of
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